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Botulinum toxin – elimination of mimic wrinkles

///Botulinum toxin – elimination of mimic wrinkles
Botulinum toxin – elimination of mimic wrinkles 2018-03-23T13:38:25+00:00

Treatment information

Treat your face to some botox

… and say goodbye to wrinkles!

Do you suffer from wrinkles of anger, or from an upset or just tired facial expression?

Do you cringe your forehead  from habit ?

Do you want to look rested and refreshed?

This simple procedure in aesthetic medicine is the ideal solution just for you – Botox!

  • Botulinum toxin is administered by a fine needle at very low doses into the muscle.
  • The effect of botulinum toxin is that it momentarily stops neuromuscular impulses and thus achieves the desired muscle relaxation. The result is tightened skin and the smoothing of wrinkles.
  • This procedure is done as an outpatient, it is almost painless, and time-saving.

After application of botulinum toxin, a burning sensation, pressure, headache, edema, muscle weakness, and ptosis (weakness) of the upper eyelid may occur in some cases. These complications are only temporary, retreating after hours or days (eyelid ptosis is adjusted within 2 to 3 weeks after administration). Of course, as in every application of a substance that is not endogenous, undesirable results may occur. These are present to the extent as in the administration of other drugs into the body.

Botulinum toxin has been used in aesthetic medicine since 1988, and the incidence of adverse events is not greater than in the administration of other medications – about 0.5 to 5%.

Main benefits of Botox:

  • effect starts 2 to 5 days after application of botulinum toxin and the full range of effects occurs within 7 days.
  • effect lasts 3-6 months after the first administration. After repeated applications, the effect is extended.
  • Sometimes just a single administration is enough. Three to six months after botulinum toxin’s effect, the next dose may not even be necessary because the habit of using individual facial muscles and frowning may disappear.

Combinations with other therapeutic and corrective methods:

Botulinum toxin is often used as a part of a combination method with intradermal implants. Botulinum toxin is applied first, and if the wrinkle is not sufficiently smoothed, it is corrected with the use of an intra-dermal implant.

To achieve a more complete overall outcome, botulinum toxin can be combined with a chemical peeling – with 70% glycolic acid, or with microdermabrasion which has a smoothing effect on the skin.

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Doctor Przewlocka explains even more about Botox in this video on our Facebook page here.

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