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Fractional CO2 laser

///Fractional CO2 laser
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Treatment information

Fractional CO2 laser is the latest trend in non-surgical rejuvenating, but it is an invasive treatment. It belongs to the modern laser dermabrasion technology, thus resurfacing of the skin surface. After the resurfacing procedure, the skin is stronger and healthier with the unification of color and texture, with the simultaneous stimulation of collagen formation. Fractional technology causes only partial ablation of skin‘s surface, which ensures faster healing of the surrounding undamaged areas of the skin. The treatment can be realized in a form of a micro peeling, so-called face refresh, or classic resurfacing.

During the treatment, therapeutic micro laser beams in a form of a grid affect the top and the middle layer of the skin with the following effects: immediate tightening of the skin – a lifting effect, soften aging mimic wrinkles, pigmentation removal / solar and aging/, remodeling and new collagen formation for six months after treatment.

Thanks to the use of fractional technology, only the treated part of the skin is exposed to the laser radiation. Undamaged area, which surrounds the individual irradiated micro points, supports and accelerates the natural healing of the treated zone. The beneficial effects of laser radiation, however, affect the entire surface of the skin with minimal discomfort.

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