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Mastercaviar by JUVENA

///Mastercaviar by JUVENA
Mastercaviar by JUVENA 2018-03-23T13:38:22+00:00

Treatment information

An exclusive treatment from JUVENA, designed for all skin types regardless of age. The skin is smoothed, softened, strengthened, and tightened. The effect: recovery, regeneration, calmness, relaxation, improvement of skin structure.

Pure luxury in the form of high-quality components – silk, minerals, and trace elements, perfectly brighten the skin, promote its resistance, smoothening, firming, and suppleness. Valuable oils and hyaluronic acid amplify the treatment experience. During this two-hour beautifying ritual, the beautician constantly cares for the client.

Treatment is suitable for refined clients who:

  • desire an exclusive and unique kind of pampering
  • desire an absolutely exclusive and innovative rejuvenating treatment
  • expect to see a lasting effect of the treatment, while giving priority to the rich, silky, and smooth consistency of the products used.

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