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Royal Lifting by FRAIS

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Treatment information

This treatment was specifically developed by the FRAIS Institute of Health and Beauty by experts from the field of corrective dermatology and aesthetic medicine. This treatment provides stretched and renewed skin with a lasting effect.

This treatment combines the high efficiency of a facial machine treatment with the use of quality cosmetics during the procedure. Treatment is focused on skin with signs of aging, fatigue, and stress. The treatment is divided into four main parts – cleansing, lifting, anti-stressing, and nutrition. A Japanese anti-stress massage combined with acupressure guarantees pleasant relaxation during the treatment. At the same time, a massage of the hands is performed, finalized with a manicure and nourishing hand treatment. The final step of the treatment is a nourishing mask with the multiplied effects of LED therapy.

This treatment consists of several procedural steps:

  • Make-up removal – cleansing the skin of surface debris such as make-up or other decorative cosmetics
  • Peeling – polishing of the skin with a peeling cream containing different abrasive particles that get into the pores, clarify, relax, and prepare the entire skin for ultrasonic cleaning
  • Skin steaming
  • Ultrasonic cleansing of the skin – this purification process leads to a final treatment and elimination of excess sebum, pus, and debris in open pores. This procedure is more efficient than mechanical cleansing, and does not irritate the skin as much. Dirt drawn out of the pores does not remain on the skin, but is effectively removed by a damp cosmetic pad.
  • Japanese anti-stress massage focused on overheating, recovery, hydration, and gentle lifting of the skin.
  • Radio frequency lifting – a treatment with radiofrequency used for rehabilitation and restoration of the growth of collagen and elastic fibers, and the partial restoration of tone and turgor (internal pressure of meshes and tissues in the body cells), which leads to skin tightening. Skin overheating occurs by 1-5 degrees for 30 minutes of radiofrequency massage which uses hydrogel. The temperature of the treated skin is controled with a non-contact thermometer during the entire procedure.
  • A mask is applied according to the skin type: lifting, vitamin, regenerating,or soothing. The mask type is chosen by a beautitian according to the skin type of the client.

During the final mask treatment, a manicure is performed – nail sanding, pushing back of the cuticles, disinfection, hydration of the skin on the hands, and final cream.

The total length of this treatment is planned for two hours.

royal lifting

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