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Laser double chin liposuction

////Laser double chin liposuction
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Laser double chin liposuction

Classic fat suction – liposuction – is a highly invasive treatment and is performed with metal cannulas, in most cases under general anesthesia. Only local anesthesia is necessary for fat removal with the Smartlipo laser, and the result is visible immediately after the procedure. The skin remains firm, supple, and taut. Removed fat tissue is no longer renewed.

The principle of the Smartlipo procedure is in laser light that is absorbed by fat cells, which melts them.

Smartlipo removes up to 10 times more fat cells than classic liposuction. The highly efficient and painless removal of fat is achieved thanks to Smartlipo’s special laser equipment, through the wavelengths of the laser beam that were clearly specified in a study – 924 nm for fat and 975 nm for skin firming.

Procedure, convalescence

The client will undergo a required consultation with our plastic surgeon before the procedure, at which the exact date of the actual procedure is set.


Treated areas are locally anesthetized during the procedure, so there is no pain. The procedure is painless and less invasive.

In rare cases, the doctor may recommend a one day hospitalization at our facility.


The entire procedure takes about 2-3 hours, the individual needs of the patient and necessary adjustments are taken into consideration. The procedure is safe and the patient goes home without difficulty after the procedure. On the second day, you can resume your work duties.

The preconditions for performing this procedure are satisfactory laboratory results of coagulation and biochemical parameters, which we perform in our facility.

You’ll be without a double chin in just two days!!!

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